Casualties of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Casualties in the Russo-Ukrainian War include six deaths during the 2014 annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, 14,200–14,400 military and civilian deaths during the War in Donbas, and up to 500,000 estimated casualties during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The War in Donbas' deadliest phase occurred before the Minsk agreements, aimed at ceasefire and settlement. Despite varied reports on Ukrainian military casualties due to underreporting, official figures eventually tallied, indicating significant military and civilian casualties on both sides. The war also saw a substantial number of missing and captured individuals, with efforts to exchange prisoners between conflicting parties. Foreign fighters and civilian casualties added to the war's complexity, with international involvement and impacts extending beyond the immediate conflict zones. The subsequent Russian invasion of Ukraine further escalated casualties and destruction. Conflicting reports from Russian and Ukrainian sources indicated high military and civilian casualties, with significant discrepancies in reported numbers. Foreign involvement continued, with both foreign fighters and civilian deaths reported. Efforts to identify and repatriate the deceased, alongside the treatment of prisoners of war, highlighted the human cost of the ongoing conflict.

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