DeepStateMap.Live is an open-source intelligence interactive online map of the military operations of the Russian and Ukrainian armies during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The map was created on 24 February 2022, the day of the invasion, by the non-governmental and volunteer-led organization Deep State UA. It is updated regularly to reflect the current situation on the frontline, in military formations, and other major events of the war such as the sinking of the Moskva. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Deep State UA originally focused on posting content related to global news and politics on the messaging app Telegram, where they created their first updating online map of a global conflict during the Taliban offensive in 2021. After the Russian invasion, DeepStateMap.Live separated itself from similar digital maps of the invasion after moving away from using a generic Google Maps background after a dispute with Google, allowing Deep State UA to design their own background and interactive map features. The map is currently sourced using a blend of both visual information and confirmations by Ukrainian sources deemed reliable. The map and other military analysis collected or made by Deep State UA has been cited by Ukrainian and international media outlets such as the BBC and Ukrainska Pravda. By February 2024, the map has been viewed more than 1 billion times, and has become the most popular digital map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Ukraine, and one of the most popular digital maps of Ukraine globally.

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