List of military aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War

This is a list of known military aid, that has been and will be provided to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War. This list includes delivered equipment, training, intelligence, treatment of soldiers, logistical support as well as financial support to the Ukrainian government unless earmarked for humanitarian purposes. For a list of humanitarian help see: List of humanitarian aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War. Weapons donated as a result of cooperation between multiple countries are listed separately in each country category. In total aid (military, financial and humanitarian combined), the European Union and its countries have provided the most to Ukraine, according to Kiel Institute, whereas the United States has by far provided the most in military aid.Some NATO countries and allies, such as Germany and Sweden, have reversed past policies against providing offensive military aid in order to support Ukraine, while the European Union for the first time in its history supplied lethal arms through its institutions. The donation of military aid was coordinated at monthly meetings in the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, throughout the war. A first meeting took place between 41 countries on 26 April 2022, and the coalition comprised 54 countries (all 30 member states of NATO and 24 other countries) at the latest meeting on 14 February 2023. All EU member states donated military aid both individually as sovereign countries and collectively via EU institutions, except of three countries (Hungary, Cyprus and Malta) that opted not to donate military aid individually as sovereign countries.

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