List of military aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War

This is a list of known military aid, that has been and will be provided to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War, particularly during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This list includes delivered equipment, training, intelligence, treatment of soldiers, logistical support as well as financial support to the Ukrainian government unless earmarked for humanitarian purposes. Weapons donated as a result of cooperation between multiple countries are listed separately in each country category. In total aid (military, financial and humanitarian combined), the European Union and its countries have provided the most to Ukraine, according to Kiel Institute, whereas the United States has by far provided the most in military aid.Some NATO countries and allies, such as Germany and Sweden, have reversed past policies against providing offensive military aid in order to support Ukraine, while the European Union for the first time in its history supplied lethal arms through its institutions.The Russian government has condemned the supply of military aid to Ukraine. Russia's president Vladimir Putin said that if military aid stopped, Ukraine would not survive for long. The Center for Strategic and International Studies assessed in December 2023 that if the United States stopped sending military aid, European countries could not quickly fill the gap. If this happened, it forecast that Ukraine's defensive capabilities would gradually weaken and Ukraine's frontline would collapse.

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