Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs

The Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs (formerly the Yale University Jackson Institute for Global Affairs) is a professional school of Yale University that specializes in global affairs. It should not be confused with the older Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. Based in New Haven, Connecticut, the school's mission is to "inspire and prepare Yale students for global leadership and service." It was established in 2010 and offers degrees for both undergraduate and graduate levels and includes the following programs: the Kerry Initiative, the Global Health Studies Program, the Yale World Fellows, and the Leitner Program on Effective Democratic Governance. It also hosts the Johnson Center for the Study of American Diplomacy. As of 2022, the school is led by dean James A. Levinsohn, Charles W. Goodyear Professor in Global Affairs. The Jackson Institute transitioned to a professional school in 2022. It is the first new Yale professional school created since 1976.

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