No. 1 Triumph

StoneBridge's track 'Act Like It,' featuring Kiyoné, has ascended to the top spot on the Music Worx South America Charts, underscoring its broad recognition and impact.

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Deep House

Ibiza's Soundscape

The track 'Act Like It' occupies a prominent position as a Balearic anthem, exerting a profound influence within the auditory domain of Ibiza.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the significance of StoneBridge's 'Act Like It' feat. Kiyoné topping the Music Worx South America Charts?

'Act Like It' clinching the #1 spot on the Music Worx South America Charts highlights its wide acclaim and impact in the region, signifying its resonance and recognition in the music industry.

What sets "Act Like It" apart in the realm of house music?

"Act Like It" distinguishes itself with meticulous production by StoneBridge, marking it as a standout anthem in the genre.

Who is StoneBridge, and what's his role in the track?

StoneBridge, a Grammy-nominated Swedish DJ, expertly blends elements of the house music scene in "Act Like It," contributing to its original and remixed versions.

Whi is Kiyoné?

Kiyoné, also known as Tawnie Shorter, adds her expressive vocals to "Act Like It," enhancing its dynamic composition.

How did Kiyoné's musical journey lead to "Act Like It"?

Kiyoné's musical journey began with exposure to musical theatre camp during her summers, fostering a profound interest in music and performance.

How Kiyoné started?

Kiyoné's pursuit of becoming a singer/songwriter was catalyzed when she wrote and recorded her first single for her parents' fitness company, reflecting her diverse background and artistic endeavors.