Outline of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Russo-Ukrainian War
Part of post-Soviet conflicts
2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.svg
Zones of control in Ukraine as of 29 May 2023
   Controlled by Ukraine
   Occupied by Russia

For a more detailed map, see the Russo-Ukrainian War detailed map
Date20 February 2014 – present
(9 years, 3 months, 1 week and 2 days)
Status Ongoing
Commanders and leaders

Below is a topical outline of articles which are significantly or meaningfully related to the Russo-Ukrainian War; it is not an outline of articles which are generally related to Russia–Ukraine relations. The Related outlines section contains links to other outlines which are related to the Russo-Ukrainian War. As noted, [a] This outline is a topical organization of articles; for a chronological organization, please see the Timelines section below.

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